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Cold War Power Points 2014

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Below are the power points from the Cold War presentations.

  1. Postwar Politics and the Beginnings of the Cold War– Rowan
  2. Initial_East_West_Split Shannon
  3. Postwar Domestic Policies and Truman-2– Kinsey
  4. Atomic Diplomacy and Containment– Breda and Morgan
  5. The United States and East Asia– Mary
  6. Korean War– Sarah
  7. The Policies of Eisenhower– Liz
  8. The policies of John F Kennedy– Brenna
  9. The Vietnam War– Janiesha andJourden
  10. Canada & Cold War– Antonio
  11. Cold War and Latin America– Nathan
  12. CIA Involvement with Latin America– Mari
  13. The Policies of Richard Nixon– Valeria
  14. The Policies of Jimmy Carter [Autosaved]– Vicky
  15. Winning the Cold War Ronald Reagan Policies– Mikaela
  16. Other Key Players in the Cold War– Mahpiya
  17. The Cuban Revolution– Mateo
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Great Depression Power Points 2014

Student Power Points from the Great Depression

1_Causes_of_the_Great_Depression  Kinsey Thomas

2. The Roaring 20s and Lead Up to the Great Depression– Liz

3. Politics_and_Market_Speculation_in_the_20s– Rowan

4. The Role of Herbert Hoover – Breda

5. The First Years of the Great Depression– Jourden

6. The Road to Election and Impact of FDR– Shannon

7 다운로드. Election of 1932 and its Impact -Sarah

8 스티키노트 다운로드.  The first hundred days– Mateo

9.  Great Depression Canada – Antonio

10 연세본문체 다운로드.  Latin America and Great Depression-Morgan

11 워 호스 다운로드. Great Depression Life – Vicky

12. Changes in American Values and Culture– Brenna

13 다운로드. Rising Discontent in 1934-1935 -Valeria

14 다운로드. The Second New Deal – Janeisha

15. The Election of 1936 – Mikaela

16 다운로드. Late 30s and Labor Unions – Mary

17 다운로드. End of the Recession 1939_1941 – Mahpiya

18 다운로드.Impact of the Great Depression on Modern America – Mari

19 세월의 돌 다운로드.  Art & Culture During the Great Depressions – Nathan


Civil War Presentation Power Points 2013

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Civil War Presentation Power Points- 2013

  1. Sowing the seeds of conflict in a house divided-Rowan
  2. The demise of the 2nd party system and the rise of the Republican party- Mary
  3. The counterrevolution of 1861 and the cause of the conflict- Breda
  4. Civil War soldiers- Janeisha
  5. The War begins- Brenna
  6. Western_Theater
  7. McClellan and the War in the East, 1861-1862- Jourden
  8. 다운로드. Lee" href="http://www.timbeckclassroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Lee.pdf" target="_blank">Robert E. Lee- Emily
  9. The Kentucky Campaign and the Battle of Antietam- Mari
  10. Recruiting Soldiers and Financing the War
  11. Virginia and the West 1862-1863
  12. Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga- Shannon
  13. The Impact of War on Society
  14. Burch Family and Missouri– Liz
  15. The impact of the Civil War on Canada- Mahpiya
  16. Impact of Civil war on Latin America– Andrew
  17. Diplomacy and Wartime Reconstruction
  18. The Civil War Navy- Mateo
  19. Race and gender during the War- Morgan
  20. Attrition, Appomattox and the end of the War- Sarah
  21. Lost_Cause_Reconstruction
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Nations and Nation-Building Presentations 2013


To view the prezis, go on prezi.com and view #4 Social, Political, Cultural and Economic Systems in North America, and #7 The United States’ Foreign and Domestic Policies: 1789-1850


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