Postclassical Period Power Points


The following are the postclassical period power points on the different areas of the world during the period 600ce to 1450 ce 다운로드.

  1. Western Europe- Manorial System and impact of the Church – Sarah M./Alexis
  2. Western Europe- Charlemagne and His Successors– Holland/Jacob
  3. Western Europe- Crusades and impact of art and literature on culture- Micah/Summer
  4. Western Europe- Growth, trade and banking in Western Europe– Jimmy/Kelsey
  5. Americas-Downfall of the Mayans and Toltec Heritage– Jared/Andrew
  6. Americas- Rise of the Aztec Empire – Sarita/Alex
  7. Americas-World of the Incas and North American Indians– Kevin/Willow
  8. China- Reunification of the Sui and Tang– Sarah K/Justice
  9. China- Tang and Rise of Song– Angelica/Sydney
  10. China- Family and Inventions in the Tang and Song– Hannah/Malik
  11. Japan- Imperial Age– Juanita/Sam
  12. Japan- Rise of Japanese Warrior Elites– Sydney N/Kari
  13. Korea– Angela/Alan
  14. Vietnam– Felicity/Sabrina
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