Post Civil War and Guilded Age Projects

Following is a list of both 1st period and 6th period students and their respective assignments for the project and paper.  Remember the paper is 800-1200 words 투니 랜드 동영상 다운로드.

The first person is 1st period and the 2nd person is 6th period

  1. Manifest Destiny from 1870-1900 in the U.S.- Christian and Aubrey
  2. Political, social and economic changes in the second half of the 19th century in the U.S.- Matt and Ashton
  3. The origins of the populist movement- Lydia and Martha
  4. U.S 다운로드. Foreign policy: 1877-1910- Jodilyn and Andrea
  5. The Teddy Roosevelt, Taft and the start of progressivism- Hassam and Katelyn
  6. The Wilson Era and progressivism- Kinsey and Shuristeen
  7. The U.S 그림 판당고. and WWI- Kianna and Alex
  8. Canada, Latin America and WWI- Dean and Carter
  9. Political, social and economic changes in Canada; 1867-1917- Kanani and Nicole
  10. Political, social and economic changes in Latin America; 1867-1917- Dickie