Key Aspects of the Cold War


Following are key concepts associated with the Cold War:

  1. United States: domestic policies of Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy
  2. Johnson and “the Great Society”; Nixon’s domestic reforms
  3. Canada: domestic policies from Diefenbaker to Clark and Trudeau (both were prime ministers in 1979)
  4. Causes and effects of the Silent (or Quiet) Revolution
  5. Populist leaders in Latin America: rise to power; characteristics of populist regimes; social, economic and political policies; the treatment of opposition; successes and failures (suitable examples could be Peron, Vargas or any relevant Latin American leader)
  6. The Cuban Revolution: political, social, economic causes; impact on the region
  7. Rule of Fidel Castro: political, social, economic and cultural policies; treatment of minorities; successes and failures
  8. Military regimes in Latin America: rationale for intervention; challenges; policies; successes and failures
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