Key Aspects of The Civil War

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In order to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the Civil War, please be sure you understand the following concepts:

  1. Cotton economy and slavery; conditions of enslavement; adaptation and resistance such as the underground railroad
  2. Origins of the Civil War; political issues, states’ rights, modernization, sectionalism, the nullification crisis, economic differences between North and South
  3. Abolitionist debate: ideologies and arguments for and against slavery and their impact
  4. Reasons for, and effects of, westward expansion and the sectional debates; the crisis of the 1850s; the Kansas-Nebraska problem; the Ostend Manifesto; the Lincoln-Douglas debates; the impact of the election of Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation; Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy
  5. Union versus Confederate; strengths and weaknesses; economic resources; significance of leaders during the US Civil War (suitable examples could be Grant and Lee; Sherman and Stonewall Jackson)
  6. Major battles of the Civil War and their impact on the conflict; Antietam and Gettysburg; the role of foreign powers
  7. Reconstruction: economic, social and political successes and failures; economic expansion
  8. African Americans in the Civil War and the New South: legal issues; the Black Codes; Jim Crow laws
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