IB History of the Americas

Brazilian Independence

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The International Baccalaureate History of the Americas course is the first of a two-year program in history wps download.  Your senior year you will be enrolled in 20th Century World Topics under Group 3, Individuals and Societies, a Higher Level curriculum.  The course covers U.S., Latin American and Canadian history from 1492 to present pom.xml.  You will be doing extensive research and writing, along with independent reading.  You will be analyzing and evaluating common themes in the history of the Americas, as well as relating those themes universally 멜로망스 you.

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Major Course Papers and Presentations

1st Semester

2nd Semester

Class Power Points

Class Presentations (previous years’ links will be reinstated after current class presentations)

  • Independence Movements and Nation Building
  • 2017 Civil War Presentations
  • 2016 Civil War Presentations
  • 2015 Civil War Presentations
  • 2014 Civil War Presentation Power Points
  • 2013 Civil War Presentations
  • Gilded Age 1877-1929 Power Points
  • 2014 Great Depression Power Points
  • 2015 Great Depression Power Points
  • 2016 Great Depression Power Points
  • 2017 Great Depression Power Points
  • 2018 Great Depression Power Points
  • 2014 Cold War Power Points
  • 2015 Cold War Power Points
  • 2016 Cold War Power Points
  • 2017 Cold War Power Points
  • 2018 Cold War Power Points
  • 2016 Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s
  • 2017 Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s
  • 2018 Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s

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Key Information Necessary for the Three Areas of Concentration



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