Great Depression 2016 Assignments

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Following are the assignments for the Great Depression presentations starting Tuesday January 5th.

  1. Causes of the Great Depression- AJ
  2. Roaring ’20s- Abby
  3. Politics and market speculation in the late ’20’s- Melanie
  4. The role of Herbert Hoover- Catrina
  5. The First years of the Depression- Emily
  6. The road to the election and initial impact of FDR- Amanda
  7. The election of 1932- Sydney
  8. The first 100 days- Justyne
  9. The Great Depression and Canada- Jarrett
  10. The Great Depression and Latin America- Brooke
  11. The impact of Eleanor Roosevelt- Sequoia
  12. Great Depression life- Jasmine
  13. The changes in American values and cultures- Lydia
  14. The rising discontent in 1934-1935-Kay
  15. The second New Deal- Isabel
  16. Election of 1936 and court packing scheme- Kira
  17. Late ’30’s and labor unions- Kira
  18. The recession of 1937-8- Abigail
  19. The end of the recession 1929-1941- Blas
  20. Impact of the Great Depression on Modern America- Lea
  21. Art Music and culture during the Great Depression- Amelia
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