Civil War Presentation and Paper Assignments

Civil War presentations start Tuesday, October 22nd and continue until finished.  The 1500-2000 word paper is due November 8th 다운로드.  The presentations will be in the following order:

1.  Sowing the seeds of conflict in a house divided: Rowan

2. The demise of the 2nd party system and the rise of the Republican party: Mary

3 다운로드. The counterrevolution of 1861 and the cause of the conflict: Breda

4. Civil War Soldiers: Janiesa

5. The War Begins: Brenna

6. The Western Theater, 1861-1862: Mikaela

7 다운로드.  McClellan and the War in the East, 1861-1862: Jourden

8. Robert E. Lee: Emily

9.  The Kentucky campaign and the Battle of Antietam: Madi

10 다운로드. Recruiting soldiers and financing the War: Nathan

11.  The war in Virginia and the West, 1862-1863: Vicky

12. Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga: Shannon

13 safari pdf.  The impact of  the War on society: Antonio

14:  The Burch family and Bloody Kansas:  Liz

15. The impact of Civil War on Canada: Mahpiya

16 위닝2019 다운로드. The impact of the War on Latin America: Andrew

17. Diplomacy and Wartime reconstruction:  Valeria

18. The Civil War Navy: Mateo

19 다운로드. Race and gender during the War: Morgan

20.  Attrition, Appomattox, and the end of the War: Sarah

21. Southern Reconciliation and the “Lost Cause”: Kinsey