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2018 Cold War Presentations


Following are the Cold War presentations:

  1. Beginnings of the Cold War– Ana
  2. The Initial East-West Split– Mikaela
  3. Postwar Policies and Truman– Haneen
  4. Atomic Diplomacy and Containment – Derek Williams – Derek
  5. The United States and East Asia – Juliet
  6. The Korean War – Olivia
  7. Eisenhower Policies – Andreanna
  8. Policies of JFK – Hazel
  9. The Vietnam War (1) – Amber
  10. Canada and the Cold War– Sam
  11. Latin America – Kiana
  12. The Policies of Richard Nixon – Nicole
  13. The policies of Jimmy Carter – Deante
  14. Ronald Reagan Policies – Cierra
  15. Other Key players in the Cold War – Nakooma
  16. Cuban Revolution – Preet
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2018 Great Depression Power Points


Below are the power points for the Great Depression presentations:

  1. The Causes of the Great Depression
  2. Politics and Market Speculation in the 20s
  3. The Role of Herbert Hoover
  4. The First Years 1929_1932
  5. The Road to Election and Initial Impact of FDR-2
  6. The election of 1932
  7. The First Hundred Days
  8. Great Depression Canada
  9. Great Depression in Latin America
  10. Great Depression Life
  11. Changes in American Values and Culture
  12. Rising Discontent 1934_35
  13. The Second New Deal
  14. The Election of 1936 and the Court Packing Scheme
  15. Late 30s and Labor Unions
  16. End of the Great Depression
  17. Impact of the Great Depression on Modern America
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2018 AP Economics Current Events


Below are the dates for the groups for current events presentations:

Date           2nd                      6th                            Date         3rd                     5th

1/23          Jen                      Carl                            1/24            Tyler            Mo

1/30        Victoria               Felicity                     1/31       Annagrace     Kara

2/6             Jared                T Willy                        2/7         Wesley            Tessa

2/13         Emily                    Will                           2/14      Anmol              Jordyn

2/20         Kaia                     Nate                         2/21       Jackie             Olivia

2/27        Savannah           Diego                      2/28       CC                     Kourtney

3/6          Sabrina               Lara                        3/7           Audrey            Dayana

3/13           Jon                  Christian               3/14        Brandon          Kevin

3/21        Kim

4/4         Olivia

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2017 Civil War Power Points

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Below are the power points for the sections of the Civil War presentations:

  1. Sowing the Seeds of Conflict in a House Divided– Nicole
  2. Demise of the Second Party System– Olivia
  3. The Counterrevolution of 1861– Haneen
  4. The War Begins– Derek
  5. The Western Theater,1861-1862- Jonte
  6. McClellan and the War in the East– Juliet
  7. The Kentucky Campaign– Hazel
  8. Civil War Soldiers– Sam
  9. Recruiting Soldiers and Financing the War– Nakooma
  10. Vicksburg, Gettysburg and Chattanooga– Kiana
  11. Impact of the War on Society– Ana
  12. The Impact of the War on Canada- Mikaela
  13. The Impact of the War on Latin America- Deante
  14. Diplomacy and Wartime Reconstruction– Amber
  15. Civil War Navy– Andreanna
  16. Race and Gender during the War- Cierra
  17. Attrition, Appomattox and the end of the War- Preet
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2017 AP Government Current Events Assignments

스케치업 2017 무료 다운로드

Following are the assignments for presenting current events:


  •                          2nd                                   6th
  • 8/29            Carrie                                Lara
  • 9/5              Joseph                              Ben
  • 9/12            Comfort                           Clay
  • 9/19           Neil                                      Sam
  • 9/26           Jacob                                 Felicity
  • 10/3           Micah                                 Colin
  • 10/10        Adrian                                Barbara
  • 10/17       Sabrina
  • 10/24       Caleb
  • 10/31       Kenna
  • 11/7         Savanna


  •                      3rd                                                    5th
  • 8/30           Christian                                      Harley
  • 9/6              Chester                                       Sydney
  • 9/13            Eddie                                             Jonte
  • 9/20           Mary Ellen                                    Sam
  • 9/27           Ian                                                Jordyn
  • 10/4          Norman Joe                              De Ante
  • 10/11        Sam                                              Sarita
  • 10/18        Cierra                                            Dayana
  • 10/25        Kim                                                Haneen
  • 11/1          Jackie                                             Kara
  • 11/8           Olivia
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2017 Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s

Below are the power points of the Civil Rights movement in the United States during the 1960s

  1. Introduction to the American Civil Rights Movement– Mickey
  2. Segregation Education and Litigation Brown v Board– Morgan
  3. Virginia and Massive Resistance– Tessa
  4. Montgomery Bus Boycott and Freedom Rides 1961– Angelica
  5. Intro to Legislation and Freedom Summer- Mr 예쁜글씨체 다운로드. Beck
  6. Legislative Changes Acts and Amendment– Sydney
  7. MLK Jr 다운로드. and the SCLC– Trey
  8. Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam– Kourtney
  9. LBJ- Mr 다운로드. Beck
  10. The NAACP and the SNCC– Bradley

2017 Cold War Presentations

2017 Cold War Presentations

  1. The Beginnings of the Cold War– Morgan
  2. Postwar domestic policies and Truman- Mr 어도비 리더 9 다운로드. Beck
  3. Atomic Diplomacy, Containment, and East Asian Diplomacy– Angelica
  4. The Korean Conflict– Sydney
  5. The policies of Eisenhower- Mr 꿈의 라이브 프리즘스톤 더빙. Beck
  6. The Policies of Eisenhower and Kennedy (new)– Kourtney
  7. The Vietnam Conflict– Mickey
  8. Canada and the Cold War- Mr 구글 지도. Beck
  9. The Cold War and Latin America Bradley
  10. Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter Policies– Trey
  11. Winning the Cold War Ronald Reagan– Tessa

2017 AP Economics Current Event Assignments

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Below are the dates for the current events groups: 3rd and 5th period are at the bottom of the page.

Date               2nd                                               6th

1/24                Gabe                                           Jason

1/31               Jahmal                                      Liam

2/7                Riana                                             David

2/14            Jordan                                            Annalise

2/21            Kieran                                            Jenai

2/28          James                                              Cortez

3/7            Lauren                                              Avery

3/14                                                                      Robbie

Date           3rd                                                    5th

1/25           Josh                                                 Jacob

2/1             Andrew                                            Kathleen

2/8            Callie                                                  Jack

2/15         Beth                                                     Sequoia

2/22        Amelia                                                 Jordan

3/1         John                                                     Blas

3/8         Kyran                                                     Tanner

3/15     Robby                                                      Lea

3/29     Hannah                                                    Elijah

4/5       Miles

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2017 Great Depression Power Points

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2017 Great Depression power points

  1. Causes of the Great Depression-Beck
  2. the-roaring-20s-and-lead-up-to-the-great-depression– Morgan
  3. The first years of the Depression- Beck
  4. hoover-fdr-and-eleanor– Bradley
  5. The election of 1932 and its impact
  6. the-first-100-days– Tessa
  7. The Great Depression and Canada
  8. The Great Depression and Latin America– Kourtney
  9. great-depression-life-and-culture– Sydney
  10. great-depression-1934-1935 and the Second New Deal- Trey
  11. the-election-of-1936-the-court-packing-scheme-and-the-impact-of-labor-unions-final– Angelica
  12. The Recession of 1937-1938 and the End of the Recession 1939-1941 (5) (1)– Mickey
  13. The Impact of the Great Depression on Modern America- Beck
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Answer Sheets to Linkage Institution Worksheets

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These are the answer sheets to the Linkage Institution Worksheets.

  1. chapter-6-interest-groups-answer-sheet
  2. chapter-7-political-parties-answer-sheet
  3. chapter-8-Public Opinion, Participation and Voting-answersheet
  4. chapter-9-Campaigns and Elections-answersheet
  5. chapter-10-The Media-answersheet
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