AP Economics


AP Economics will give you a strong understanding of economic principles in both macro and microeconomics that contribute to the American free enterprise system.  You will become familiar with the key economic topics, such as supply and demand, cost/benefit analysis, marginal analysis, aggregate supply and aggregate demand, economic measurements such as GDP, employment, cost of living, fiscal and monetary policy, price control mechanisms, international trade and currency exchange and interpretation of quantitative data. beck_t@aps.edu

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Tests and Quizzes: 

Spring 2018 Syllabus and Course Outline

Sandia AP Econ Syllabus spring 18


Unit 1:  Intro to Economics

Unit 2: Demand and Supply

Unit 3: Business Organizations

Unit 4: Resource Markets

Unit 5: Macroeconomic Measurements

Unit 6:  Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

Unit 7: Fiscal Policy

Unit 8: Money and Monetary Policy

Unit 9: International Trade

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