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Welcome to spring 2021 AP Economics!!!!! 맥북 유튜브 음악!

AP Economics will give you a strong understanding of economic principles in both macro and microeconomics that contribute to the American free enterprise system 철권 태그1 다운로드.  You will become familiar with the key economic topics, such as supply and demand, cost/benefit analysis, marginal analysis, aggregate supply and aggregate demand, economic measurements such as GDP, employment, cost of living, fiscal and monetary policy, price control mechanisms, international trade and currency exchange and interpretation of quantitative data. beck_t@aps.edu

In order to get onto Remind, if you are in periods 1, 3 or 5 text @2021apeco to 81010 ; if you are in 4th or 6th period, text @ahh84843 to 81010

In order to get into AP Classroom, use the following class codes: 1st period: RK7KKV  3RD: 646ZMA   4TH: JV79PJ   5TH: VWR46V  6TH: 9XM4R2 

In order to get into Google Classroom, use the following class codes: 1st period: iu6joy6 3rd period: hqk2wqu  4th period: 6djadni   5th period: bszmtgj   6th period: pqgqooy

If you are taking the AP Macro exam in May, join the group that is going to have reviews for the exam above and beyond class.  Log onto the AP Macro exam takers 2021 Google Classroom: the classroom code is: udvukgo

Today’s Objective:   We will analyze how critical international trade is to the health and growth of our economy 카메라 파이 다운로드.

Homework:  No more this semester!!! Yay!!!

Tests and Quizzes:  Fiscal Policy, Money and Banking and Monetary Policy Tuesday April 27th and Wednesday April 28th;  FINAL EXAM THURSDAY MAY 6TH AND FRIDAY MAY 7TH

Sandia AP Econ Syllabus spring 21

Unit 1 Vocab list

25 key graphs and formulas

Graphs and formulas for AP Exam

Unit 1:  Intro to Economics

Unit 2: Demand and Supply

Unit 3: Business Organizations

Unit 4: Resource Markets

Unit 5: Macroeconomic Measurements

Unit 6:  Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

Unit 7: Fiscal Policy

Unit 8: Money and Monetary Policy

Unit 9: International Trade

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