2018 1960s Civil Rights Movement


Following are the power points associated with the 1960s Civil Rights Movement:

  1. Introduction to the Civil Rights Movement– Andreanna and Sam
  2. Segregation, Education and Litigation: Brown v Board– Cierra and Nicole
  3. Virginia and Little Rock – Derek and Kiana
  4. Montgomery Bus Boycott and Freedom Rides- Deante and Nakooma
  5. Intro to Legislation and Freedom Summer- Mr 지포스 다운로드. Beck
  6. Legislative Changes_ Civil Rights Act of 1946 Voting Rights Act 1965 Amendment 24 – Preet and Haneen
  7. MLK and the SCLC – Mikaela and Hazel
  8. Malcolm X– Ana and Olivia
  9. LBJ- Mr 다운로드. Beck
  10. NAACP and the SNCC – Juliet and Amber