2017 Great Depression Power Points

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2017 Great Depression power points

  1. Causes of the Great Depression-Beck
  2. the-roaring-20s-and-lead-up-to-the-great-depression– Morgan
  3. The first years of the Depression- Beck
  4. hoover-fdr-and-eleanor– Bradley
  5. The election of 1932 and its impact
  6. the-first-100-days– Tessa
  7. The Great Depression and Canada
  8. The Great Depression and Latin America– Kourtney
  9. great-depression-life-and-culture– Sydney
  10. great-depression-1934-1935 and the Second New Deal- Trey
  11. the-election-of-1936-the-court-packing-scheme-and-the-impact-of-labor-unions-final– Angelica
  12. The Recession of 1937-1938 and the End of the Recession 1939-1941 (5) (1)– Mickey
  13. The Impact of the Great Depression on Modern America- Beck
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