2017 Civil War Power Points

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Below are the power points for the sections of the Civil War presentations:

  1. Sowing the Seeds of Conflict in a House Divided– Nicole
  2. Demise of the Second Party System– Olivia
  3. The Counterrevolution of 1861– Haneen
  4. The War Begins– Derek
  5. The Western Theater,1861-1862- Jonte
  6. McClellan and the War in the East– Juliet
  7. The Kentucky Campaign– Hazel
  8. Civil War Soldiers– Sam
  9. Recruiting Soldiers and Financing the War– Nakooma
  10. Vicksburg, Gettysburg and Chattanooga– Kiana
  11. Impact of the War on Society– Ana
  12. The Impact of the War on Canada- Mikaela
  13. The Impact of the War on Latin America- Deante
  14. Diplomacy and Wartime Reconstruction– Amber
  15. Civil War Navy– Andreanna
  16. Race and Gender during the War- Cierra
  17. Attrition, Appomattox and the end of the War- Preet
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