2017 Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s

Below are the power points of the Civil Rights movement in the United States during the 1960s

  1. Introduction to the American Civil Rights Movement– Mickey
  2. Segregation Education and Litigation Brown v Board– Morgan
  3. Virginia and Massive Resistance– Tessa
  4. Montgomery Bus Boycott and Freedom Rides 1961– Angelica
  5. Intro to Legislation and Freedom Summer- Mr 예쁜글씨체 다운로드. Beck
  6. Legislative Changes Acts and Amendment– Sydney
  7. MLK Jr 다운로드. and the SCLC– Trey
  8. Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam– Kourtney
  9. LBJ- Mr 다운로드. Beck
  10. The NAACP and the SNCC– Bradley